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Just wondering, what are you favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters?

I would have to say that mine are Willow and Tara. I believe that Willow did the most growing up in BtVS more then anyone else did without some trama (such as Buffy and the death of her mother). I believe that Tara and Willow bring a lot to the show.
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willow is defintily my fave! not much aof a fan of tara... i also loved oz! my male fave character is xander! :o)
My favourite Buffy characters (in order) are:
Drusilla, Faith and Spike (you can tell I love authority can't you *chuckle*)
Of the regulars, Buffy is my favourite. Characters who did the most growing up in Season 6 for me were Dawn and Tara.